Sun City Mesquite Tortoise Ridge Lots

Sun City Mesquite Tortoise Ridge First Release Lots

WOW---it was a crazy day for the lot release. The initial rush has calmed down and the builder is offering more lots. Here is the new lot map. You can see the lot number and the builder's proposed premium for each lot.  We were able to access the lots today and they are some of the nicest lots released in a while. As Del Webb begins this new neighborhood, the lots will have more views and higher elevations. 
Please contact us if you have any interest in these lots, and we can get you more pictures. Soil has just been prepared as part of the builder's dust remediation project so we did not walk any of the lots today. Once the soil is set, we will have more views of these lots. Each of these ots and pros and cons. Call or email us for info and our opinions of these lots.

You can build Encore series homes (e.g., Pursuit, Serenity, Journey) on the blue lots. Retreat Series homes (e.g., Hideaway, Sanctuary, Haven, and Preserve) can be built on the orange lots.

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Please be patient with the slide show as the first time you load the pictures they will take a minute or two. After that, you can access them more quickly.